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Kyiv children’s choir “Shchedryk” on UA.TV

As a team it manages to conquer the international public

European traditions and a high level of professionalism in children’s choral singing were laid by the founder of “Shchedryk” – an outstanding master of choral art Irina Sablina, her daughter successfully continues the business.

“It’s my mother’s brainchild, she created the band in 1971, I picked it up in 2002, before that I worked and sang in the choir,” says Marianna Sablina, artistic director and chief conductor of the Shchedryk choir.
The choir has existed for almost 50 years, it is a whole generation of children who understand what culture and art are.

The Shchedryk Choir is probably one of the top five, but it is unique in its status. This is an amateur district group at the House of Creativity of Children and Youth. The paradox is that he performs with the world’s outstanding musicians, ”said Tatiana Kalita, the organizer of the performances and director of the International Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

“Shchedryk” has participated in many prestigious song forums, he is known and loved around the world. He has won numerous international competitions.

“I have been going to the choir for 9 years, for me it is an incredible emotion that we experience together at every rehearsal, concert. We are enriched spiritually, ”says choir member Yulia Symonenko.

The choir’s repertoire includes about 1,000 works performed in the original language.

The members of Shchedryk are envoys of Ukrainian culture in the world, and this year they were among the headliners of the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna, where the choir won.

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