12:01, 08/05/2020

The work of Marianna Sablina

Interview with the artistic director

Marianne Sablina is the artistic director and chief conductor of the choir, which she inherited from her mother and lived with him almost all her life. Thanks to her and the family that has formed around Shchedryk for years, we can still enjoy the best performance of choral music and colorful repertoire, selected with perfect taste – and all this live, all at home, in Ukraine. As the living classic Gia Cancelli put it: “Children’s choirs exist in many countries, but Shchedryk is a special phenomenon because it is based on the unique choral traditions founded by Irina Sablina and successfully continued by her daughter Marianna Sablina. Thanks to them, “Shchedryk” became a unique phenomenon. “

Internet community "Shchedryk Alumni Club"

Recently, upon the initiative of the Shchedryk Children's Choir's alumni, the global Internet community "Shchedryk Alumni Club" was created.

Shchedryk won the Grand Prix

Ukrainian choir "Shchedryk" won the Grand Prix of "Golden David" at the festival in Florence