11:54, 03/05/2020

Shchedryk won the Grand Prix

Ukrainian choir “Shchedryk” won the Grand Prix of “Golden David” at the festival in Florence

The world-famous Kyiv children’s choir “Shchedryk” returned to Italy after 13 years and again won the main prize of the International Festival-Competition of Orchestral and Choral Ensembles in Florence (July 18-20). An authoritative jury of professionals recognized “Shchedryk” as the best choir among 11 groups participating in the prestigious singing action.

«Bravissimi! The best! The best of the best! ” – comments on Ukrainian choristers Karla Zanin, founder of the International Festival of Choirs in Florence (Florence International Choir Festival).

She told Radio Svoboda that during the seven-year history of the cultural event in the capital of the Italian Renaissance, groups from Ukraine had to be hosted several times. This year, the Ukrainian team was recognized as the best, for which it won the main award of the festival – a statuette of the “Golden David” (symbolizes Florence in the famous sculpture by Michelangelo “David”).

Also “Shchedryk” consisting of 54 singers was awarded two gold medals in the age category of youth choirs and in the category of performance of sacred music. And the chief conductor and artistic director of the choir Marianne Sablina received a special award as the best conductor of the festival. The awards of the festival, which takes place under the auspices of the City Council of Florence, have a purely artistic value and do not provide a financial reward.

On the eve of the festival, while listening to potential participants, the event management drew attention to the complexity of the repertoire of Ukrainian children aged 10 to 18 years. Therefore, they were invited to perform not in the children’s, but in the youth age category, thus complicating the competition and competition conditions.

According to experts, the repertoire of Kyiv choristers already speaks of the level of their training. Only in the competition program, out of six works, Shchedryk sang Baldassare Donati’s classics Galliarda and Johann Sebastian Bach, part of Magnificat, and works by contemporary Ukrainian composers: Victoria Poleva’s Gloria, Valentina Silvestrova’s Alleluia, and Krokove. wheel “by Anna Gavrilets and” Hymn “by Georgian composer Nugzar Vatsadze.

A professional jury of musicians from different countries evaluated the performances of the contestants on a 10-point scale. The Shchedryk Choir received an average of more than 9 points for various performances, while some groups did not achieve this score.

What put Shchedryk’s choristers at a higher level than other choirs from Iceland, Spain, Estonia, and China?

“It simply came to our notice then. This is a really strong band, where a big school, the musical tradition of their country is very noticeable. “Listening to the Shchedryk Choir, you realize that Ukraine has a long and rich musical tradition,” said Carla Zanin, the founder of the Florentine Choir Festival.

Internet community “Shchedryk Alumni Club”

Recently, upon the initiative of the Shchedryk Children’s Choir’s alumni, the global Internet community “Shchedryk Alumni Club” was created.

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