About us

Shchedryk Children Choir was founded in 1971 in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv by Iryna Sablina. Since 2004, its artistic director and chief conductor is Honored Artist of Ukraine Marianna Sablina.

From the first years of its existence, the choir performed solo concerts in the Column Hall. M. Lysenko of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine and throughout Ukraine, in the philharmonics of Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In the 1990s, Shchedryk began touring the world and became a real discovery for the international music community. His concerts have been successfully held in 15 US states, Canada, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy.

Reviews of press

This is too wonderful to be true

Singing Ukraine

World-class professional ensemble

Ukrainian Weekly

Shchedryk’s performance at SCL Festiva was as always successful.

Choir Pressa

“Shchedryk” is ready to impress the audience with its performance.

Ukraine Voice

Today, the choir sings more than 150 children of all ages, engaged in the appropriate age groups. About 55 best performers are members of the band. The first three recordings of "Shchedryk" were published by "Melody" on vinyl records. The repertoire is partially presented on five CDs recorded in Ukraine. The German company Deutsche Welle has released a CD recording of the Christmas concert with which Shchedryk performed in 2011 in Bonn.

In joint projects, Shchedryk had the honor of collaborating with prominent musicians of the world - Vladimir Krainev, Gidon Kremer, Roman Coffman, Guy Cancelli, Ivan Monigetti, Daniel Barenboim, Martha Argerich and others.

Our awards


First place with honors “Outstanding success” in the category Treble Choirs / Women’s choirs / XIII “Summa Cum Laude” International Youth Music Festival in Vienna (Austria)


“Golden David” – Grand Prix of the VII International Festival-Competition of Orchestral and Choral Ensembles in Florence (Italy)


Golden Diploma of the Highest Degree and Grand Prix of the I International Competition “Musica sacra a Roma” in Rome (Italy)


Grand Prix and Gold Diploma of the XXXVI International Choral Competition in
Miedzyzdroje (Poland)


Grand Prix of the International Choral Competition in Des Moines (USA)


Grand Prix of the International Choral Competition “Kathaumixw” in Powell River

The choir`s repertoire includes Renaissance, Baroque and classical music, arrangements of songs of the peoples of the world, works by contemporary composers.

Shchedryk has participated in such prestigious Ukrainian and world music festivals as:

  • Gidon Kremer Chamber Music Festival in Lockenhaus (Austria), 2002, 2008, 2011
  • KyivMusicFest in Kyiv (Ukraine), 2000
  • Cantus MM in Salzburg (Austria), 2007
  • Cracovia Music Festival in Krakow (Poland), 2009
  • Tonic in Kyiv (Ukraine), 2004
  • I International Autumn Choral Festival in Moscow (Russia) to the 140th anniversary of the Moscow Conservatory, 2005
  • "Meeting with Glory" - an event in Kronberg (Germany) to commemorate M. Rostropovich, 2011
  • "Virtuosos" in Lviv (Ukraine), 2006
  • XX Kronberg Chamber Music Festival (Germany), 2013
  • "Then Russia With Love" - a concert in Berlin (Germany) in support of political prisoners, 2013
  • XIII “Summa Cum Laude” International Youth Music Festival in Vienna (Austria), 2019
  • VII International Festival of Orchestral and Choral Ensembles in Florence (Italy), 2018
  • Ukrainian Music Festival "Rethinking Europe - Stop One: Ukraine" in Stockholm (Sweden), 2017
  • Leigo Lake in Leigo (Estonia), 2015
  • Beethovenfest in Bonn (Germany), 2010
  • III International Choral Festival in Riga (Latvia), 2004
  • "America Fest" in Des Moines (USA), 1992
  • A place of honor in the discography is the recording of the work "Three Little Liturgies of the Divine Presence" by O. Messian, performed by "Shchedryk" together with the orchestra "Cremerata Baltika" under the direction of R. Coffman, which was included in the collection of the best concerts in the history of Gidon Kremer Chamber Music Festival. .

    Reviews of celebrities

    Mykola Svarnik

    I am glad that everything went well, especially with the children. Shchedryk was so incredible – I had tears! So congratulations on another success. I had a good time

    Karla Zanin

    Bravissimi! The best! The best of the best!

    Olga Marchenko

    They sounded in a single voice. This is a really strong band, where a big school, the musical tradition of their country is very noticeable. Listening to the Shchedryk choir, you realize that Ukraine has a long and rich musical tradition

    Gia Cancelli

    “Children’s choirs exist in many countries, but” Shchedryk “is a special phenomenon because it is based on the unique choral traditions founded by Irina Sablina and successfully continued by her daughter Marianna Sablina. Thanks to them, “Shchedryk” became a unique phenomenon. “